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Questions & Answers with Anne Elizabeth

What do you like to be called, and how did the reference come about?  
“‘AE’ or Anne Elizabeth.  It’s my first and middle name.  I began using the moniker because the first stories I published were quite sexy.  I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of someone showing up at my front door.  Since then, I’ve come to really enjoy being called by my full name.  Even though, a bunch of my fans queened me ‘The Energiser Bunny on Stilettos’ and they’ve named themselves the EBOSP (Energiser Bunny On Stilettos Posse.)   They are amazing souls!”

How the graphic novel idea begin? 
“PULSE OF POWER was created back in the early ‘80s. It holds as many life lessons for me now as it did for my friends who experienced events throughout the manuscript’s creation.”

Why this focus and this topic for your story? 
“Friendship, love, betrayal, and passion are themes that resonate through daily life. The choice between good and evil: a moral action or an immoral one. I see individuals wrestle with the options and fight for what is precious to them. Oftentimes, it defines how we progress in life and who we are.  Destiny, in some ways, can be about those choices.  Especially in terms of stepping into the space of living life with every ounce of your courage and might.  It takes guts to get out there and make a dream come true...and usually, the reward proves that it is indeed worthwhile.”

There’s a rumor you – personally – were in a comic book.  
“Yes, I had a cameo in Laurell K. Hamilton’s 7th comic book. I won the opportunity through one of Laurell’s charity fundraisers.  It was riot sending in pictures and seeing the sketch form.  My name wasn’t labeled in the book itself, wish it had been. But Laurell has it on the link section of her site.  And, the fans who want to find it - do.”

Tell one of your most memorable moments, thus far:  
“Chatting with George RR Martin and his lady, Parris, at the New York Comic Con. At the time, I didn’t know who he was, and he asked me for a book.  All I knew was that this endearing man and his charming lady enjoyed books, reading and writing, as much as I did.  The next day I brought in a favorite story, and then I learned his full name.  I was embarrassed – here was this incredibly talented and insightful world-creator and I was supposed to give ‘him’ a book, one which contained an extremely sexy and hot story I wrote!  Well, much to shock and joy, he found me and demanded the book.  I did the only thing I could think of — I signed it and gave it to him.  A humbling and memorable moment!  The great writers truly are outstanding for both their talent and their generosity of heart.”

Another one?  
“Spending time with LA Banks and Sherrilyn Kenyon behind the scenes.  BEA and Comic Cons have spurts of activity, but the quiet moments, where we can chat and catch up for a few moments – talk on industry happenings, family or just interact as friends - this is precious.  They are both intensely creative authors – LA Banks engages the spirit in a manner that hooks readers with a fervor and leaves a long-lasting and indelible impression, and Sherrilyn Kenyon charms the reader before she twists and plunges them into a non-stop peril-ridden ride.  They are amazing authors and brilliant women!”

Best interview? 
“Definitely a four-way split! My favorite interviews were those with Patricia Briggs, Laurell K. Hamilton, Joe Simon, and Janet Evanovich with her daughter, Alex. Each experience had humorous moments, and they gave tremendous insight into the hard-work of crafting and writing, and thinking beyond their current storylines.  One thing they all had in common was a dedication and love of what they do, and a vision beyond their current book.”

Anything you want to add?  
“Live - do what you dream of, right now.  Time on this earth is limited to this fragile shell we exist in. Passion and joy are crucial to surviving and thriving.  It is as important as air!”


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